Yachats Underground Pub & Grub Schedule of Events

Yachats Underground Pub & Grub Schedule of Events. Because we are one of the only venues in Yachats providing LIVE entertainment all year round, you can count on us to live up to the highest standards. This schedule of events is provided for customers and entertainers to find out what dates are booked and for information relating to other upcoming events and shows. If you or your group is interested in performing at our venue,  please use the contact form to  open a discussion. We’d love to talk to you.

30-AugHouse JamEveryoneThursday Night Jam7:00PM10:00PM
1-SepLive PerformanceParish Gap BandSaturday Entertainment5:00PM8:00PM
3-SepLive PerformanceArtistic LicenseLabor Day Entertainment5:00PM8:00PM
6-SepHouse JamEveryoneThursday Night Jam7:00PM10:00PM
8-SepLive MusicSteven McVay and FriendsSaturday Evening Entertainment7:30PM10:30PM
13-SepHouse JamEveryoneThursday Night Jam7:00PM10:00PM
14-SepLive MusicSteven McVay and FriendsFriday Evening Entertainment7:30PM10:30PM
15-SepLive PerformanceSweet & JuicySaturday Evening Entertainment7:00PM10:00PM
20-SepHouse JamEveryoneThursday Night Jam7:00PM10:00PM
22-SepLive PerformancePigasusSaturday Entertainment4:00PM7:00PM
22-SepLive MusicSteven McVay and FriendsSaturday Entertainment7:30PM10:30PM
27-SepHouse JamEveryoneThursday Night Jam7:00PM10:00PM
29-SepLive PerformanceHecktic WeekSaturday Entertainment4:00PM7:00PM
29-SepLive MusicSteven McVay and FriendsSaturday Entertainment7:30PM10:30PM